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Devour the slopes with attentive instructors

Pleasant and enriching skiing or snowboarding lessons, this is what ESF Avoriaz offers. With its instructors both friendly and very professional, ESF Avoriaz offers everyone the opportunity to improve his level while taking full advantage of the pleasures of the mountain !
These group classes are available for children but also for adults, so that everyone can slide at their own pace and without stress.

Our specialty : "Prestige" group lessons for optimal learning

Not so fast ! For the most ambitious skiers, ESF Avoriaz offers a special formula during February holidays : a “Prestige” group lesson with a maximum of 6 people. Indeed, winter sports are like school : you learn faster with courses running in small numbers.
The instructor is more available since he has fewer dependents, the level of the pupils is more homogeneous insofar as they are divided into groups according to their levels, taking the ski lifts is easier... and all these factors provide skiers with an even more effective learning experience than a classical course.
A formula that is aimed at both young people and adults
With a maximum of 6 pupils per group, these further lessons enable children to make rapid progress without exhausting them. Children... or adults ! Not everyone has the chance to learn the basics of skiing during their youth, so ESF Avoriaz chose to allow the Prestige lessons to all ages.
For children, these special lessons are possible with packages of 6 half-days or 6 days. As for the Prestige group lessons for adults, the ESF offers 6 sessions of 2 hours.
Progress in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere with ESF Avoriaz !