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Group courses for all levels

On the slopes, you always take more pleasure when you slide skillfully ! This is why ESF Morzine offers a solid skiing and snowboarding teaching, through group lessons provided by qualified instructors. “Group lessons”, because learning to ski is better in a friendly atmosphere based on mutual help and complicity. That said, if you are rather a solitary kind of person, we offer the option to book an instructor that will provide private lessons.

At the ESF, no typical profiles ! The school teaches skiing with the same passion regardless of the level and age of the student. Fun and rewarding experience for your children, the Piou-Piou Club will surely entertain toddlers in search of snowy pleasure.
A delight for children
By offering day or half-day packages, this club combines group lessons and daycare so that children aged 3 to 5 to learn at their own pace and meet people, while their parents are free to spend time with their families or friends, on slopes of their choice.

Up to the “Ourson” level, tiny tots are pampered in spaces specially arranged with treadmills, rope tows or even small heated cottages heated snack breaks.

Pleasant courses in a relaxing atmosphere
With the ESF, lessons are fun and instructors are committed to creating a friendly and caring atmosphere. Of course the purpose is to learn, but still having fun and without feeling like they are working.

The instructors attach a particular importance to the safety of their students, so that skiing lessons unfold without incident.

Ready ? ESF Morzine welcomes you and / or your children with the formula that suits you best !